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Our Leadership & Our Approach

Consulting services provided by Loflin Environmental Services, Inc. are completed under the direction of W. Joseph Loflin, President, and James A. Murray, Vice President.  Both men hold Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and Certified Safety Professional (CSP) certifications.  Together, they have extensive experience and expertise in conducting indoor air quality investigations, health and safety program development and monitoring, surveying for the identification of asbestos, evaluation of environmental containment systems, and industrial hygiene surveys for manufacturing facilities, U.S. government facilities, and industrial facilities such as refineries, chemical production plants and other factory and production facilities.

The Loflin Environmental Project Approach emphasizes efficiency, simplicity, and practical solutions. Often, an environmental, health, and safety problem can be compounded by a misdirected or poorly-executed investigation. It is vital in an investigation approach to understand not only the true nature of a problem and its potential solutions, but also to acknowledge and incorporate the client’s position and relevant goals. In many cases, multiple solutions may each individually provide desired results. Loflin Environmental's professional staff believes that the consultant and the client benefit most from working closely together to identify problems and develop solutions in an efficient and satisfying manner.

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